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A room with harbour views : Case study of a bathroom renovation
Being accustomed to the open-air ambience of their Byron Bay farmhouse, when Terry and his wife set about renovating their Darling Point apartment their first priority was to open their master bathroom up to the stunning harbour views below.

The solution was to knock a hole in the offending wall and put in double French doors, as well as create a doorway between the bathroom and the master bedroom.

"It was a pretty challenging job," says builder and designer Robert Mourad from Bathroom Images. "Because the apartment is part of a 19th--century Heritage building, we couldn't take any of the materials or waste through the foyer in case we damaged something."

That meant that everything had to come in - and go out - via a special hoist, up three storeys to the top-floor balcony. "There was a bit of trial and error getting the bath up," Robert laughs.

There was also a bit of trial and error involved in getting the bathroom's colour scheme right. Terry's wife wanted a soft white tile to create a sense of elegance and space in the very small bathroom, but she didn't quite get what she bargained for.

"We made the mistake of choosing the tiles in an outdoor setting," says Terry. "When they finally went up we discovered they were a lot darker than we thought."

Realising it was going to cost a fortune to replace them, Terry and his wife came up with a clever alternative.

"We found a beautiful piece of pure white, glossy marble that we used on the vanity top and that has really lifted the room," says Terry. "Now we're really happy with the finished product."

To ensure nothing impeded their breath-taking view of the harbour when soaking in their luxurious shower-bath, Terry and his wife decided to do something very unorthodox - they did away with a shower screen altogether.

"When we shower there, we do wet the floor quite a bit," says Terry. "But we tend to shower in our second bathroom and use this one as more of a bathing and relaxation area."

And because the bathroom can be fully opened up to the elements, they've also done away with the need for additional heating and an exhaust fan.

"I hate walking out into a steamy bathroom in summer, because you start sweating before you even get dressed. With the doors open, that doesn't happen," says Terry. "We also don't need any additional heating because the windows capture all the winter sun."


A room with harbour views: Case study of a bathroom renovation   The above article appeared originally in a
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