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Bathroom Images has been designing bathrooms for over 20yrs. For peace of mind, our procedure is designed to guide you smoothly through the process of renovating your bathroom, from initial plan to completion. That's why we ensure that you know exactly what's going on every step of the way. Our experienced team is committed to making sure that every part of the process runs as smoothly as you'd expect from a quality builder like Bathroom Images.

There will always be someone to help you with important decisions whether it is choosing your bathroom design or Tile selection.

Even if it's simply to put your mind at ease about part of the process, we're only a phone call away. Our team is happy to answer any questions.

Here's how it works:
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STEP 1 Clients own Research
Prior to our Clients contacting us, they will have either filled out our online quote form, contact sheet, or done some Research using magazines, internet etc. This ensures that you have given some thought into the project prior to ringing a designer.

STEP 2 – Initial phone consultation
When you arrange for a design consultant to come to your home, we can give you an estimated budget even prior to coming out to see you. This confirms a realistic budget. The consultant will go over similar questions that found in our quick quote form. This helps you identify that we, are in fact the right builder for your project. Bathroom Images is a full bathroom renovator. We do not do partial renovations or projects that are part of an extension or addition. Allow approximately 20minutes.

STEP 3 – Onsite Site Design Consultation
During this stage, one of our Design Consultants will schedule a meeting at a convenient time at your home to discuss your tastes, colour schemes, lifestyle ideas and budget. The designer will become familiar with the room, the architecture of your home & access. If there is more than one client, we find that it is beneficial for both partners to be involved in the consultation & design stage. We take digital images and measurements of your bathroom and do rough sketch drawings, providing a basic layout. Allow approximately 1 hour.

STEP 4 – Verbal costings by the Designer
To ascertain that we have conveyed your ideas and are within budget, an initial costing is given, based on the design brief and site assessment. Once you are comfortable with the quotation, we proceed to the next step and produce a formal quotation and scope of works. This is either mailed or presented onsite.

STEP 5 – Scope of Works Review
A 2nd meeting is arranged to gain feedback & discuss further details. You will receive a fully detailed and written quotation and a detailed sketch of the proposed design. In the quotation costs are clearly identified, including PC allowances to give you an overall budgetary figure. Allow approximately 2 hours.

A thorough review of the projects documentations including stetch drawings is all meticulously discussed. If you agree with the quotation, you and Bathroom Images Pty Ltd signs a Housing Industry Association Plain English Building Agreement. The agreement consists of an updated scope of works, drawings, & specifications. As outlined in the contract, a deposit is taken ie: 10% of the contract price if under $20,000 or 5% if its over $20,000.

STEP 6 – Home Owners Warranty Insurance Certificate
The client agrees to enter into a HIA – Kitchen & Bathroom Supply & Install Contract with Bathroom Images Pty Ltd. A copy of the standard policy will be issued on site inspection. Home Owners Warranty Insurance will be undertaken by Bathroom Images Pty Ltd for all contracts exceeding $12,000.00. Most insurance premiums are between $500 - $600 per project.

A Home Owner Warranty insures our clients the following against:

  • Provides cover for the builders failu8re to complete his contract (limited cover) due to death, disappearance or insolvency ; and
  • Provides cover for building defects: failure to correct faults, and inadequate or unsuitable materials which are deemed by law to be the builder's responsibility, for a nominated warranty period.
  • The policy only responds in the event of death, disappearance or insolvency of the builder.

STEP 7 – Personal shopper experience
Your consultant will organise a day, that’s suitable, to meet you at a retail outlet that is both suitable to your style and budget. In most cases, an already prepared list of items is faxed to the shop prior to our meeting. This enables the retailer to become familiar with your project research suitable items. Throughout this consultation, items are chosen, ordered & delivery is organised. Clients are advised that payment is made directly with the retailer. Bathroom Images is only interested in providing good quality service and is not interested in making any profits from the bathroomware selected at retailers. Allow 4-6 hours.

STEP 8 – Project commences
Prior to the project commencing, we will give you a list of requirements so your property is ready for our tradesman. We will confirm all your tile and bathroomware items and delivery times etc. Our tradesman arrives from 7.30am until 3.30pm, Monday to Friday. We don’t work public holidays or weekends (unless previously arranged). The site supervisor will also be onsite to oversea work on a regular basis. Due to our thorough planning, we only advise clients to be onsite or close proximity throughout the first week. Usually if there are any “surprises” they are usually found during this time. A number of our previous clients have gone on holidays, and come home to a "ready-to-use" bathroom.


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